I Mr. Kaushlendra Kumar, Nodal Officer of M/s Sarvhit Wellness Private Limited (CIN / Regn No. U46909DL2023PTC416426 do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under that:

  1. We fully comply with all provisions of Consumer Protection (Direct Selling) Rules, 2021.
  2. We are not Involved in Pyramid or Money Circulation Schemes as per Business / Compensation plan prescribed by as per copy annexed herewith.
  3. We maintain all mandatory records prescribed under clause 4 of the Rules and have displayed Company Secretary certified copies of the same on our website
  1. We have applied for the Trade Mark as per copies annexed herewith..
  2. We have obtained all applicable trade registrations including PAN, TAN & GST copies of which are annexed herewith.
  3. That Goods and Services offered by us through our Independent Distributors conform to applicable laws.
  4. We have a well – defined Grievance Redressal Mechanism prescribed for redressal of consumers’ complaints and grievances copy of which is annexed herewith.
  5. We provide a reasonable cooling off period as per copy annexed herewith.
  6. We have prescribed separate Product Order forms for Consumers as well as Independent Distributors, describing therein the Remedial options available under the Terms & Conditions as per copies annexed herewith.
  7. We are obliged to have a prior written contract with our Independent Distributors in order to authorize them to sell or offer to sell as goods or services and the terms of such Contract are just, fair and equitable as per copy annexed herewith.
  8. We or our Independent Distributors shall not indulge:
    1. In any false and misleading representation, fraud, coercion, harassment, unconscionable or unlawful means, in furtherance of our direct selling business.
    2. In mis-selling of products or services to consumers or in any unfair trade practices
  9. We shall not engage any person as our Independent Distributor who is of unsound mind declared bankrupt by a court of law or convicted during the past five year prior to his / her joining our business.
  10. We shall insure that data is stored under jurisdiction of India.
  11. That neither we nor any of our directors / partners have been convicted or declared bankrupt by a court of law during the past five years as per self – declarations annexed herewith.
  12. We are fully compliant to Consumer Protection (E-commerce) Rules, 2020 as amended from time to time, as per declaration annexed herewith.
  13. That all documents referred to in this affidavit and annexed herewith may be read as part and parcel of this affidavit as the same are not being reproduced herewith for the sake of brevity.


Signed and stamped by:

Nodal Officer: Mr. Kaushlendra Kumar

Mob No. : 9873007566

Email ID:

Dated: 2nd Jan, 2024